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Sincerely... Thank you!

Dear all,

I am sending you this letter because you have either believed in me, my spirits or my story.

Last year, I set to change my career so to finally align my professional life to my identity. Having worked over a decade for one of the largest metal companies in the world, starting a craft spirits import company seemed nearly crazy to most, or at least as close as it gets to mid-life crisis :) That said, Originals was born and Jovis Limoncello and OTTO, Bergamotto liqueur, are now here.


After spending several months vetting legalities and building up the supply chain, I eventually started meeting prospective buyers just this past June. Starting with zero connections and experience in this industry was definitely tough... often intimidating. I have met a lot of people that have upright shut the door to my face... but I have also met a number of incredible people capable of appreciating the quality of my spirits and trusting me.


Nearly every single one of you didn't know me. Never heard of my company, nor or my brands... despite that, most of you proved to be open minded in tasting my spirits and gave me the opportunity to tell my story... for that I am very appreciative and wanted to say, thank you!


Having now established many great relationships and just recently completed my first inventory cycle, I can breathe for a minute... and write down my personal thoughts. Originals is still very young and... self-funded, still far from being successful. That said, I am appreciative of having gone from absolute 0 to where we are, against many odds.

In the span of just few months we expanded from a number of stores in Manhattan to the Yonkers and White Plains areas. Then made our way into New Jersey and, with the new year, we will set foot in Connecticut! Throughout all of the ups and downs that came with that, I often think of our very first clients! Will never forget about them... They gave me an incredible boost in confidence when I needed it the most. They validated my belief in craft spirits and my company...

I look forward to the future and thank you again for your trust.


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