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You can download this picture. It's a small gift from us to you.

(from your computer, click to enlarge photo and then click downward arrow at top to download)

Alessandro, our founder, is a growing enthusiast about photography. When traveling, he captures images as a way to describe the origins of our spirits. His pictures are not perfect... but offer our own point of view and have enough resolution to be used as background on your devices, posted on social media or printed for your favorite room, as large as you want them to be.

So... download and use as you wish!

Cariati, Italy

July 2019

39°29'47.1"N 16°56'49.4"E

"In the summer of 2019 we had our first visit to Cariati, Calabria (click on the coordinates above to see on map), to better learn about a unique type of local citrus, Bergamot. Cariati is one of those amazing small towns still maintaining its original identity. Mainly divided in “Lower” and “Upper”, this picture is of the Upper part, or historical center. The dome belongs to the Cathedral of San Michele Arcangelo. Not visible in this picture, but also notable, are the walls surrounding the town characterized by 7 defense towers tracing back to the 15th century."


Sorrento Peninsula, Italy

July 2019, 1:30 AM

40°39'04.5"N 14°24'34.3"E

"During our last 2019 trip to Sorrento (click on the coordinates above to see on map), while visiting lemon groves, I attempted night photography for the first time! Still lots of room to improve but off to a good start. This is the Sorrento Peninsula photographed at approximately 1:30 am from the main road that connects the peninsula to the motherland, from the north side (SS 145). Everything looks pretty still, except for the yacht and a small boat leaving a trail of light on the right side. The Sorrento Peninsula is where authentic Limoncello originates from... and where I was born. I hope you like it."


And we'll keep adding...

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