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Unique herbal notes + mild sweetness + small batch = Amaro Nannoni

Amaro Nannoni is manually crafted with local herbs within the picturesque southern region of Tuscany. At a first sip, Amaro Nannoni presents pronounced yet balanced bitter notes of blackthorn, chincona, and rhubarb along with hints of orange peel and ginger. It progresses to warm up the entire mouth and to then linger in the back of the palate with more pronounced notes of ginger and peppercorn. Amaro Nannoni is mild sweet. 

  • Hand crated  with local herbs in Tuscany

  • Balanced notes of blackthorn, ginger, orange and pepper

  • 35% ABV - No added colorants - 700ml

  • Mildly sweet

Amaro serving suggestions


Straight and Classic

Amaro Nannoni is bold and balanced, perfect as an after-meal sipper. It is best served at room temperature and, perhaps, slightly chilled during the summer months.


(1 oz = 2 tablespoons)

For aperitivo lovers #1

3 oz red sweet vermouth

1.5 oz Amaro Nannoni

Serve in a rock glass with 2 or 3 ice cubes

Add orange wedge

For aperitivo lovers #2

1.75 oz Amaro Nannoni

1.0 oz red sweet vermouth

1/4 oz lemon juice

~6 or 7 dashes orange bitters

Stir with medium sized ice

Strain and serve with big ice

Lemon twist for garnish

For Negroni lovers #1 (a spiced Negroni)

1.0 oz red sweet vermouth

1.0 oz gin

0.5 oz Amaro Nannoni

0.5 oz bitter liqueur (like Brezio Bitter)

Stir with big ice. Strain and serve with big ice in rock glass

Garnish with orange peel

For Negroni lovers #2 (a Caribbean version)

1.0 oz red sweet vermouth

1.0 oz rum (preferably an aromatic rum, non-spiced)

1.0 oz Amaro Nannoni

Stir with big ice. Strain and serve with big ice in rock glass

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