Orange and rhubarb + no colorants + small batch = Brezio Premium Southern Italian Bitter

Brezio Bitter is a small batch Italian bitter liqueur perfect for a wide variety of cocktails (try it in a Negroni) or to be sipped neat. Brezio Bitter is characterized by the clarity of its orange and rhubarb notes and by the fact that it is crafted without colorants. Yes, we understand that most people are used to see Italian Bitter liqueurs of bright red color... Brezio Bitter stays true to the Originals' mantra of colorants-free spirits and, therefore, its color is just the natural result of combining the basic ingredients. To the taste, it is very balanced and smooth.

  • Clear notes of orange and rhubarb

  • No colorants

  • Crafted in small batches

  • 25% ABV - 750ml



Straight and Classic

Brezio bitter presents clean notes of rhubarb with a wild orange finish, accompanied by delicate herbs and spices. Brezio Bitter is balanced and not too sweet making it a perfect option to be sipped neat or on ice, like a true Italian amaro. Try adding an orange slice.


(1 oz = 2 tablespoons)

For Negroni lovers, of course...

1 oz Brezio Bitter

1 oz Gin

1 oz red sweet vermouth

Build in rock glass with 1 big ice cube

For orange juice lovers

1 oz Brezio Bitter

3 oz OJ

Build in a tall glass with plenty of ice

For spritzer lovers

1.5 oz Brezio Bitter

3 oz soda

Build in a tall glass with plenty of ice