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Olive + rosemary + basil + juniper = Brezio Premium Southern Italian Gin

Brezio Gin is a unique gin inspired by the flavors of South Italy. At the taste, Brezio Gin opens with notes of basil and rosemary to then finish with olive. Brezio Gin is a perfect option for sipping neat, on the rocks as well as for mixing in your favorite cocktail. You have probably never tasted a gin like this.

  • Notes of olive, rosemary and basil

  • Crafted in small batches

  • 42% ABV - 375ml

  • Perfect for sipping and cocktails

BG serving suggestions


Straight and Classic

Brezio Gin's botanical notes and smoothness allow it to be sipped just lightly chilled, perhaps with a thin lemon slice or an olive. If at room temperature, we suggest adding one or maximum two small to medium ice cubes.


(1 oz = 2 tablespoons)

NEW. For lemon and honey lovers (Bee's Knees)

2.5 oz Brezio Gin

1 oz scant fresh lemon juice

1/2 oz scant honey

Dissolve the honey in the ​lemon juice first

Add the gin and lemon juice with honey to a shaker

Shake with ice, strain and serve

For tonic lovers, of course...

1.5 oz Brezio Gin

3.5 oz tonic water

Build in a tall glass with plenty of ice

Add a thin lemon or lime slice

For dry and bubble lovers

1 to 3 oz Brezio Gin (up to taste)

3 oz sparkling water

Build in a tall glass with plenty of ice

Add lemon or lime slice

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