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“Like watching color TV for the first time...


The Sorrento peninsula is the divider between the two major gulfs of Naples and Salerno. The mountain formation leading up to the peninsula is such that the area and the people have been separated from the mainland until the end of the 19th century, when the first main road was constructed. A place where inhabitants have found themselves choosing between working the land or venturing the sea.

The dark stone high coast, scattered with citrus and olive plants creates strong color contrasts of blue, green and dark grays. Mesmerizing to the eye. Despite being rather small, the area is comprised of very distinct municipalities characterized by a history of skirmishes. Sorrento definitely being the wealthiest of all.


The natural patrimony is immense. The land provides unique products, among which are lemons. Not present elsewhere in Italy or the rest of the world, Sorrento lemons are characterized by a certain sweetness and oil concentration in the skin. This is why Limoncello, a liqueur based on lemon peel infusion, was born here.


Sorrento is more than abundant in liqueur productions based on local ingredients infusions, it's almost an official sport, but two things are certain: 1) Limoncello is king; and 2) no one will ever serve you anything other than a local production. Of those many productions though, now supplying to the ever growing tourism industry, very few have been perfected to the point of creating a refined tasting and high quality liqueur. Of those few, even fewer have maintained a certain level of craftsmanship and small batch approach.”



Spirits from Sorrento
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